Worrying on

Next two weeks I will be discovering two new cities to me, but not so-new to millions who have lived and visited Bucharest/Istanbul. I will update this blog with images/news from these wonderful places, of which first I will be just visiting (seeing),  and in Istanbul I hope to do a bit more “building” work. I will be participating in a youth congress as a young activist (maybe soon to be real activist). susirupines.wordpress.com is the first “battlefield” where I explore this world of activities and issues, and I hope to discover even new ways to worry on, continue!

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Let’s count it

“Matmintinis” – a counting competition


It happens every year in Lithuania and every year interested boys and girls, their fathers and mothers give one day for counting numbers.  (Not many, only those that advance through preliminaries..). All they have to know – basic addition/subtraction/multiplication/division.  The questions are easy (sometimes even like: what is 0 + 0,4213), but ability to imagine the computation and the speed is very important in this game.

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2012: From a perspective of science

Some popular science! No pictures, sorry!

A few hours ago I was sitting in a room unknown to me, many unknown people around me, only with somehow known voices in my head..

It was a lecture about an issue that science is not always trusted to answer. The issue: could planet Earth as we know it be destroyed on December 21, 2012?. Will it end in 2012, as some believe Maya calendar predicts?

Diana Krivcovaitė (Lithuanian Astronomers Union) gave an interesting and thought-provoking presentation full of pictures, facts and scientific knowledge.

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