What does it take to gain Independence?

It’s a question for a discussion.

We had a celebration of our Independence Day a few days ago, I gathered some ideas from the occasion:

  • It takes multiple attempts;
  • It costs lives;
  • Costs time;
  • If it’s forgotten, one might need Independence of Independence(or it can be for nothing in the first place);
  • Everyone must agree(but they never do…);
  • New small communities form/loss of touch;

What else? Any arguments?(sorry, I have no proof of my own:)) What could substitute Independence?

What is poetry? Kas yra poezija?

Firstly, this post is a question. It is not and never was clear to me what the poetry is. Yet I and everyone else face it from their days we were little(nuo dienų, kai buvome maži). Was it a birthday song, a few melodic lines learnt in the nursery, a happy Valentine,  some structured creativity in you secret diary or what you had to learn by heart in school.

But these are only examples of poetry. It’s not very easy to deduce from those what poetry is. The same way it would be difficult to say how a camera takes pictures, while not knowing what the mechanism was.

So what really is poetry?

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