Thoughts on physics / utopias

It is well known that we can’t ever reach absolute zero. It is well known that if we have an isotherm process (temperature does not change) and we want to heat an object by one degree, we have to use infinitely many energy, yet we still fail.

Then, what happens if we go beyond zero, beyond the unimaginable?

Maybe, if we had -3 below absolute zero, the “clock” would start ticking backwards, or, if some force was stopping you, you would still be accelerating?

Maybe heat would pass easily from a stone-cold object to red-hot, not the other way? Maybe humans would live from knowing everything to knowing nothing in the end? But don’t they already? Who says that the more we know, the more we don’t know?

How do you Imagine -273 below absolute zero?


Yesterday I went to see parent-less children in children’s home called “Pastogė”(Shelter). It was my second visit there. It is really motivating and inspiring to see young children running around, playing, talking, even throwing toy-cubes at you… Even if those pupils are living without parents, they are just like anyone. Angry as anyone, happy as anyone, fragile as anyone.

I even noticed a certain mother visiting her child in there. Seemed like an episode from a high-caliber drama. Yet two hours that I have been there flashed by very, very fast, and I want to visit again. To share with less lucky, to ask questions, to answer those given..

But some of those children’s homes face problems unknown. There is one children’s home here in Kaunas that is really secretive, and I only long to know what happens there..

2012: From a perspective of science

Some popular science! No pictures, sorry!

A few hours ago I was sitting in a room unknown to me, many unknown people around me, only with somehow known voices in my head..

It was a lecture about an issue that science is not always trusted to answer. The issue: could planet Earth as we know it be destroyed on December 21, 2012?. Will it end in 2012, as some believe Maya calendar predicts?

Diana Krivcovaitė (Lithuanian Astronomers Union) gave an interesting and thought-provoking presentation full of pictures, facts and scientific knowledge.

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Power of Live Images

I remember coming home from school 8 years ago, turning on the TV to see a terrible story about planes crashing and big buildings collapsing, many people dying… It was the Great nine-eleven, a story that shook the world, a terrorist attack everyone could see. Live.  Almost 3000 deaths made world aware of terrorist threats. Everyone knew why.

I don’t remember coming home, turning on the TV to see a child dying from hunger, or those 2 millions that die from hunger every year. It can be as real for me(not a starving child) as a lie that my friend tells me.

I think that by comparing these two misfortunes or any other we can see how live images shape how we thing. When we see someone suffering, most of us want it to stop, but when we don’t see, we tend to forget very soon..

I will make a list of ways to see it all live:

And maybe more.

Ways of finding your true identity

Who am I?…

This should not be a rhetorical question! One should be able to give a concrete &complete answer to this question.

After much struggling and thinking , I decided to put up a list of concrete methods of finding who you are.

This list is opened to contributions and should be further developed. Input is needed as this is only a rough sketch of a “finding yourself WIKI”

This post will be re-edited from time to time and added new things, as the authors will enlarge their vision upon this issue and the visitors will contribute with meaningful comments.

Ways of finding your true identity:

1. Keeping a diary

Why?- writing down your thoughts &emotions=this will help you keep track of who you became, who you were before this…

-talking to yourself= debating,asking questions, reaching interesting conclusions

-putting your inner thoughts and emotions into words=translating “the untranslatable content of your soul”,those things you always tried to put into words but couldn’t or did not dare.

<to be completed>

2. Expressing your identity through symbols : animal, plant, stone,fantasy being, nature element, meteorological phenomena, imaginary world (a different time and place for you to live in)

Why?–putting your inner thoughts and emotions into words=translating “the untranslatable content of your soul”,those things you always tried to put into words but couldn’t or did not dare

<to be completed>

3. Cultural learning: comparing yourself with characters from books, movies, myths and legends, paintings &other works of art…

Why?-you may find ” a piece of you” in another person’s imaginary world, that is in ART. Though you’ll never find a complete image of yourself (because you are unique and real), you may find interesting pieces to fit your identity puzzle.

<to be completed>

4. Sharing with others

Why?-if you can find other open-minded individuals , it would be great if you could exchange ideas & concerns because this could help you both progress.

<to be completed>

5. Things that you are good at:discovering your talents and exploring your skills,abilities…

Why?-whenever you do something you really like & are good at, you feel more “like the real you”. the only problem is to have the time and the needed opportunities to discover what you are good at.

-this is the most practical and concrete way of finding out who you are.

<to be completed>

6.” The way in which you try to find out who you are is also part of who you are”

That’s right. Go and invent your own ways of finding your identity, the inner you.