Leaving your mark in history

I was walking in the rooms of a Geology museum when I started to think what does leaving your mark in history mean this day, and what did it mean for creatures living millions of years ago.

Today, in my opinion, humanity in general thinks of leaving their mark as having children, writing a book, doing a memorable thing which would get into history books, planting a tree that would outlive them, building a house..(else??).

If we look at these “marks” from an imaginary point of view million years into the future, what will be left of any of the “marks”? It is possible that in some form or another the names can remain in the books, since it is very easy to store it on a computer for a very long time, but over millions of years there will be trillions and trillions of books. What kind of mark is it, having your name in one of the pages of almost infinite amount of books?

What really are the “marks” that are left even millions of years after the end of “thinking” or a “living” creature?

One is fossils. Geologists find many fossils that are fine representations of what a creature was.

Human genome? It has much much much more information stored than any fossil, and from it there could be created a database of people that would be almost complete. The question is whether the technology for this is here, and whether humans really want to leave “marks” in history that would live on.

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