Cut the cutter

A little journey into the land of jobs/ things to do that I don’t like, more issues to share on this blog!

That sound of cutting the grass(mowing)!

That smell of cut down grass!

That feeling when you are walking barefoot over the field of mowed grass!

That puzzlement when you can’t find a shadow!

That thoughtless move of throwing down a burning stick!

That growing hair you always have to cut!

That sharpish nail grows back every week!

That childish thought of  breaking trees, attacking others with the branches…

Why do we cut so often? What cutting gives us, what it takes? What if we never cut, how would  our yards would seem, our trees would be…?

One thought on “Cut the cutter

  1. scrisoarefaralitere

    We should not cut that often and that easy. At least trees , grass and our souls should never be cut.

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