Another day in the forest

It was another early Saturday morning, another breakfast without eating any breakfast, another racing with time to make it to the train, another new adventure..  Yet unique and fascinating!

I went to the forest to rise the nesting-boxes for Pigmy Owls (Glaucidium passerinum),  birds that above all, need our help!

The event was called “Būdos inkilų žygis” – a journey to rise 8 nesting-boxes into 8 different trees. Al we had to do was: find the nesting-boxes, find the trees, rise, smile the the nature.

Yet before the event I did not know what i will do. I did not know how I’ll get to the village where the event was about to start – and I was almost late, because I overslept.  At one time I even thought about not going and turning back.. I had to climb and climb over snow!

It was an achievement of a day for me when I hitched one of the participants, a forester,  got to the destination, on time, smiling.

I first saw this sign – ” nature does not forgive mistakes”…

Then, when we divided into three groups, I raised my first nesting-box in my life, with a colleague forest lover who was also a novice.

This was the nesting-box and the tree we rised it into.

Our company was great too… A group of 5-graders from a school, a couple with a child, two nature lovers with amazing photo-cameras that they did not use, a forester with his family, a dog..

I think I have to thank Giedrius Vaivilavičius, who organized this event, with a hope that some Pigmy Owls will inhabit our nesting-boxes and such events will be made again..

2 thoughts on “Another day in the forest

  1. scrisoarefaralitere

    Great job! Very beautiful eco-action.Hope the nesting-boxes apartments will soon be populated by happy Pigmy Owls families!
    Smiling to nature is very important.
    And Helping is essential!
    I love this initiative.Was it supported by any NGO?

  2. susirupines

    This initiative was not supported by any NGO, but the same people will now be organizing a two day event in cooperation with Sea scouts. So it all seems promising for the nature!

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