Power of Live Images

I remember coming home from school 8 years ago, turning on the TV to see a terrible story about planes crashing and big buildings collapsing, many people dying… It was the Great nine-eleven, a story that shook the world, a terrorist attack everyone could see. Live.  Almost 3000 deaths made world aware of terrorist threats. Everyone knew why.

I don’t remember coming home, turning on the TV to see a child dying from hunger, or those 2 millions that die from hunger every year. It can be as real for me(not a starving child) as a lie that my friend tells me.

I think that by comparing these two misfortunes or any other we can see how live images shape how we thing. When we see someone suffering, most of us want it to stop, but when we don’t see, we tend to forget very soon..

I will make a list of ways to see it all live:

And maybe more.

One thought on “Power of Live Images

  1. scrisoarefaralitere

    Are people more moved by catastrophes that are happened only once (like nine-eleven) than by permanent issues like world hunger and children starving in poor countries?
    If so, I think it is journalists’ fault they only talk about present crises, but never about humanitarian emergencies that last for years.

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