How to comment?/Kaip komentuoti?

Last year I  created a video (klipą) for Lithuanian about how comments should look like. It was an attempt based on only my personal opinion. Now I want to find out how one can make any kind of comment(in various situations, public debates or inner questions, blogs or exams, birthday regards or response to tragedies).

This is a topic in category “Questions”, where we may use some sort  “yahoo answers” model for our creative answers!

2 thoughts on “How to comment?/Kaip komentuoti?

  1. susirupines

    Don’t know, maybe in the future. I don’t comment often these days. I used to comment a lot on a Lithuanian website some years ago with a main reason to raise my post count. I realize now there is a thin line between spamming and making serious posts…

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