On Haiti

I woke up yesterday only to hear about a tragedy that has happened to some.  It is one of those I have something to say and will in the future, so it is also the beginning of a new category, “On News”.

So, I woke up, when many people there going to sleep in other part of the world, some buried…

I always decide to do something when bad things happen. This time I want to criticize the global effort to help Haiti people. I heard some time ago  that there were plans to create a mobilized army that would get to any place in the world in 24 hours. But it took more for help to arrive to a place of tragedy – where basics – like shovels – were in need. In fact, 48 hours after the trembles help is only starting it’s work in Port-au-Prince. We should do better than that! We should have fast Concords at our disposal! Why don’t we?

Why, when I asked my friend whether he would want to be in Haiti, help, he said no,  because he has his own issues?

Why is this formula true?

Earthquake + people + buldings = tragedy.

It’s not that different from this:

Forest + animals + earthquake = Earth

It is time when we have to say goodbye to those futures unfulfilled, people lost..

Rest in peace.

Ilsėkitės ramybėje.

2 thoughts on “On Haiti

  1. scrisoarefaralitere

    I wish we could help. I feel so powerless. I am furios because I can only sit and watch the news.
    I would like to be able to do something.Something meaningful.
    Are there any organized efforts in your country?

  2. susirupines

    Not many meaningful efforts here.;/

    ” Lietuvos užsienio reikalų ministerija skirs 50 tūkst. litų paramą.”
    Lithuanian foreign ministry will give a donation of 50 thousand Litas

    A message from our president Grybauskaitė:

    “Mane ir visus Lietuvos žmones sukrėtė kraupi žinia apie žemės drebėjimą Haityje. Katastrofos sukeltą skausmą dar labiau didina tai, kad stichija pasiglemžė ne tik tūkstančius niekuo nekaltų Haičio gyventojų, bet ir daugiau nei šimto Jungtinių Tautų organizacijos darbuotojų gyvybes. Noriu išreikšti paramą ir solidarumą visiems nukentėjusiems ir visų žuvusiųjų artimiesiems”

    !? We can’t understand what a horrible thing an earthquake is. During my 20 years life the only one I noticed was some 5 years ago, and it was just a funny short tremble!

    Little we can do, living so far away! I can think of something meaningful, but iy would be still minimal, when considering people needing basic resources, food and clean water. 85 percent were already living in poverty…

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