I don’t really know if there are many reasons why we should discuss philosophy or philosophize. I would like to.  It is a tool that helps us to look at things from perspective that we otherwise couldn’t, but it also gives the abstraction, indirectness(abstraktumą, netikslumą), doesn’t it?

It gives us ability to create ideas with our minds about most difficult subjects in life, but it might distract us from believing the simplest ones!(paprasčiausiais).

The creativity is what I want to share by posting what I wrote  one  September afternoon during my Philosophy class..


What is philosophy?

How human benefits from a spirit?

Why do we value humanly things?

What is “over” the nature? Does nature have a spirit?

Why everything that is create gives in to philosophy?

Why philosophy depicts everything wider?

Why ancient Greeks spoke about exceptional things?

What is gnosis?

Why do we start from uncertainty?

Why agony is a real condition?

Why do people try to solve a problem of it?

What are feelings?

How not to let words go with a wind?

How principles of philosophy are created?

What is philosophy?

What might be the issues that arise from having philosophy around us? Or.. maybe there are too many different fields of philosophy, we can randomly pick one. Let’s take logic.

The main issue in our everyday lives involving logic is that usually we completely fail to remember it.

It is very difficult to to understand, how a leads to b, b leads to c, c leads to , then a leads to d… In everyday life we don’t have short letters representing ideas. We have long arguments, more complexity…

Some might try to manipulate this, by extending a->b->c->d chain to infinity. That would be alarming. Critical decisions are made based on logical arguments.

One way of avoiding this is to take notes of what is happening. Draw diagrams.. Follow! I experimented with this during one of my first philosophy lectures. It was both interesting and awarding!

3 thoughts on “Philosophy/filosofija

  1. scrisoarefaralitere

    Logic has little to do with philosophy/filozofia…more to do with math.Sometimes philosphy lacks logic …yet true philosphy should be very logic,i agree.
    true philosophy should be able to be put in a very simple language(yet complex meaning)
    should be able to be expressed in different ways (drawings , writing, movement)
    should not belong to only one person, but belong to different persons who, working independently,came to the same conclusions
    should be about the important things in life and about life itself
    should answer questions concerning (see above)

  2. scrisoarefaralitere

    What is philosophy?

    It is thinking, thinking, thinking.
    Trying to replace by thinking the things we can’t understand through experience

  3. susirupines

    Are there many philosophers who use logic?

    I know that one particular individual named Peter Singer exists(who writes in a very simple language, expresses both in writing and participating in movement! Let’s say his book “Practical Ethics” is a very argumentative view on morale!).

    I think it should be worrying to us if logic has little to do with philosophy! If it didn’t have anything at all with it, philosophy would be unnecessary, we could imagine the unimaginable by just closing our eyes!

    Maybe let’s share the good philosophy that is found out there?

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